Objective : Create variations of landing pages and conduct split testing to achieve a higher rate  of conversion Overview:       Client: Atlanta Eco Tree Inc.       Product: Tree Cutting Services       Website: https://atlantaecotree.com/             Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaEcoTree/ People often tend to make decisions based on intuition, and that leads them to believe that they can predict how others would react to a certain situation. However, every person is unique, and each one reacts differently to different situations. That is why making marketing decisions based on intuition is dangerous. When decisions are not based on facts, the results can be disastrous. At Panorama Press, our goal is to deliver the best results for every client, and we guarantee that every marketing program we design is supported by facts. One of the tools that we utilize for our clients is A/B Testing, which is commonly referred to as Split Testing. This tool is basically used as a strategic trial and error.  It accumulates data on which website landing page variation has the best potential for achieving a high rate of conversion. For this project, we designed the following variations of landing pages for Atlanta Eco Tree Inc. and conducted split testing to determine which variation was best :   AET Landing Page 1 1 In the first variation, reviews are included alongside the headline, coupon, and Quick Quote form. Reviews give visitors a positive feeling about the services that the company has provided to other customers. Good reviews also help build trust, and with a promotional offer and eye-catching headline, visitors are more apt to fill out the form. AET Landing Page 2 For the second variation, a discount coupon is used along with a promotion for free wood chips, to entice the visitor. Most importantly, there is also a form with a call-to-action that will gather information about a potential client. Using an eye-catching headline and an interesting offer is proven effective because it catches the visitor’s attention and builds interest in the services offered. AET Landing Page 3 According to recent surveys, a navigation bar on landing pages often distracts the visitor. That is why there isn’t a navigation bar in the last variation. This creates a different variable and gathers detailed results. However, there is a headline along with a coupon, promotion, and a call-to-action form. Each variation is unique, having used different formats, containing different contents and techniques. Our goal is to determine which is the best landing page variation that will convert more visitors to potential and actual customers for Atlanta Eco Tree Inc. Applying a split test to the variations that we designed allowed us to achieve favorable results  for our client. We can also help you generate more customers! Call us today at (678) 391-9136 to schedule your free, no-obligation assessment or email us at marketing@panoramapress.net. You can also stop by our office Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

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